Lets be honest about the impeachment inquiry

Can we just stop pretending the current impeachment inquiry is about the constitution, integrity, or anything honorable? It serves two purposes:

  1. to keep a negative light on President Trump
  2. to cover-up any potentially illegal activity tied to the Bidens and/or Obamas

The Democrats cannot run against Trump's record. The economy is doing well. The stock market is doing well. Unemployment is incredibly low. The wall is being built. We avoided entering into unnecessary wars. We've gotten Mexico to aid us with immigration. We're successfully challenging China on trade. Since Trump's presidency is so successful, Democrats have no choice but to manufacture negativity. This is why they have to keep claiming he's racist, sexist, a puppet for Putin, and engulfed in illegal activity.

In addition, because the Democrats currently don't hold the presidency, the legacy of their past presidencies is all the more important. They simply cannot afford the image of Obama (that they have striven so fervently to build) to be tarnished. Since Biden was Obama's Vice President, they can't permit any potential criminality of his to be revealed either.

So let's stop pretending that these proceedings are necessary to preserve the integrity of the office. Let's stop discussing this charade as if it's a necessary evil in order to retain the respect for the presidency. This is nothing but disgraceful politics. And should be treated as such.