MoBubby is the free and easy way to add online multiplayer to your games. There are many browser-game sites with virtually countless games. Many (if not most) of which are created by indie developers. These games range from platform, to football, to racing, to role-playing, to battle, and more. Their quality ranges from higher to undeniably newbie. Yet despite the broad variances in these games, one characteristic seems quite consistent. They don't support online multiplayer.

Partly because acquiring a suitable server can be expensive. Partly because developing and/or setting up the software to handle and process communication among users can be complicated, time consuming, and daunting. The costs, time, and skills are often impracticable for beginner game developers. At least, they use to be.

MoBubby eliminates these concerns. Using MoBubby, developers can turn their games into online multiplayer games for free, with just a few lines of code, and in minutes. All without worrying about the money to purchase an adequate server, the skill to develop the software that handles communication, or the time necessary to build one. With MoBubby, indie developers can focus on what they love to do: build games.